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The album was produced by a CD and a DVD with a total of 10 songs, 10 songs with MTV and 2.

A graceful and moving songs Melody, a section of literary romantic lyrics, soulful male demonstrating a desirable one story: either the passion between lovers, affectionate, sincere person or homesickness recall, every audience all of which find the soul of the resonance, and then by its moved. These moving works are from the hands of a successful entrepreneur. He is the former chairman Telsda Group - Mr. Cai Qingchu, a cell phone is called the godfather of legend. . In addition to the identity of successful entrepreneurs outside, Mr. Cai Qingchu still a quite spiritual songwriter. His childhood love songs, although not on the formal conservatories, but by his own talent and hard work, as well as the pursuit of the arts, he was self-taught, in a busy work, write a lot of original song works. His songs, genres and diverse, passionate, honest sincere, a description of things and human expression and delicate depth, both nostalgic mood of the song Everlasting, another Millennium timeless classic theme - love. From the "dance", "discredited return", "Pretrial magnolia" and other songs, we can feel Mr. Cai Qingchu artistic charm!