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Shenzhen Telsda Mobile Communication Industry Development Co., Ltd. (“Telsda” for short) is a large-scale hi-tech enterprise specializing in the production of telecommunication terminal equipment. Founded in 1982, Telsda is one of the few earliest manufacturers of telecommunication terminal equipment like telephones in Asia, and one of the first batch of enterprises qualified for producing and selling mobile phones with the official approval of the State Planning Commission.

Telsda has a plant area of over 50,000 square meters, more than 2,000 employees, 7 subsidiary manufacturing plants for mobile phones, digital products, telephones, SMTs, plastics, molds, and oil injection silk screens, and subsidiaries like TSD, TELSDA KINGWEL, TELSDA Mobile, TELSDA Digital, TELSDA Plastics & Electronics, and HK TELSDA Group. Telsda set up “Telecommunication Product R&D Center” early in 1995, and “Mobile Phone R&D Center” in 1998. Telsda boasts about 200 senior engineering technicians, with strong software, hardware, structure design and development capabilities; Telsda always maintains close cooperation with world famous telecommunication companies like MOTOROLA, TOSHIBA and LUCCENT to keep pace with the cutting-edge technology of the global telecommunication industry; to develop tailored products for customers around the world, Telsda has set up “Mobile Phone R&D Center” and “Telecommunication Product R&D Center”.

Our major products are mobile phones, digital cameras, digital voice recorders, mobile hard drives, PDAs, walkie-talkies, cordless phones, and corded phones. In particular, our T18 IP color screen GSM mobile phone and RGB light, chord T9 ++ mobile phone, TS-2008 digital repeated reading machine, MP3 mobile hard disk voice recorder and digital camera have reached the international standards; Telsda produces 5 million mobile phones, over 4 million telephones and 3 million digital products annually, which are exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In addition, Telsda has also set up 40-odd sales branches in China, with sales outlets covering all domestic counties (cities).

Telsda won the TUV ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate early in 1997. With stable and reliable quality, Telsda has been frequently awarded “Consumer Trustworthy Product”, “Recommended Product by China Consumer Council”, “China Famous Brand” and “China Famous Brand High-quality Product”. Since 1998, Telsda has consecutively been awarded “Shenzhen Hi-tech Enterprise” by Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. And our mobile phone construction project has been awarded “Shenzhen Key Construction Project” by Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government for three consecutive years.